About Prestonwood Worship

Our mission is to cultivate experiences that inspire a Christ encounter. We want people to experience Jesus, and we see in Scripture that worship plays a pivotal role in cultivating hearts that are ready to meet him. Prestonwood Worship aims to serve the global church through original music grounded in Biblical truths and encourage others to experience Jesus in a real and personal way. We are honored to steward a deeper understanding of God, the gospel, and the church through worship.

Romans 12:10 says, “Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.” This is the heart of our ministry. We desire to honor and be devoted to one another; the ones God has given us to lead, and the ones God has given to lead us. It is a high and holy calling and a privilege. 


The Prestonwood Choir is a beautiful preview of what awaits us as worshippers in Heaven. We are a multi-generational ensemble representing a host of cultures, backgrounds, histories, and futures. The music The Prestonwood choir chooses to sing reflects our unique representation ranging from traditional hymns, multi-part choral arrangements, and modern anthems. Our love of worship unites us in song and in spirit each week as we rehearse on Wednesday nights and lead our congregation on Sunday mornings.  


The Prestonwood Orchestra is the glittering gem of the music ministry. Brass, strings, and everything in between add depth and richness to Prestonwood’s Sunday morning worship. This volunteer ensemble plays most weekends and champions the movie-like score for The Gift of Christmas. We have a strong community built through detailed weekly rehearsals. The orchestra is more than a musical background. It links arms with the band, vocalists, and choir to represent genuine worship through music.


Prestonwood Student Worship is a vibrant ministry for students in grades 7 through 12. We want students to experience Jesus through worship, learn how to lead worship, and grow their relationship with the Lord and others in the process. We hope to instill a gratitude for serving, for being a part of what God is doing, and for sharing the gospel through worship. We entrust our students with leadership opportunities of all kinds. Be it through Fall Follies, student led Sunday morning worship, internal service opportunities or outreaching student worship mission trips, this next generation of worshippers is continually being creatively challenged and spiritually refined to be world changers.


Prestonwood Kids’ Worship is a ministry for children aged 3 through grade 6, led by volunteers committed to encouraging confident, passionate worshippers of God. Our kids have the privilege of declaring the glory of God each week. Whether they sing, act, dance, or just love to praise, there is a place for every kid in Prestonwood Kids’ Worship. Each year our kids grow in their talents by participating in a fall worship concert, The Gift of Christmas, a spring musical, and once a semester lead worship on Sunday morning. We are grateful to be part of a church that champions the importance of fine arts in a child’s spiritual and personal development.

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