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Songs of the People | Revival

Songs of the People | Revival includes contemporary worship songs written for the church by our Prestonwood Worship Ministry that build on the foundation laid by our Songs of the People | Live album. This album is abounding with melodies that encompass the heartbeat of worship and poignant lyrics for the church. Your ears will be enlightened as you are reminded of the power of Jesus and the revival He can orchestrate in each person’s heart and mind. Every song points to the universal need for Jesus and the everlasting power of the Lord, drawing us closer to Him.

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  • This House Is Yours
  • More Than A Song (feat. Lauren Taylor)
  • All To You (feat. Michael Neale)
  • Being With You (feat. Tyler & Mallory Gilliland)
  • Do What Only You Can Do (feat. Michael Neal)
  • Just One Word (feat. Brian Taylor)

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